Pablo De Victoria

Gold medal winner in 6 th Asia Wine Competition,

Gold medal winner in Berliner Wine Competition,

Silver award winner in International organic wine competition,

Silver award winner in Catavinum World wine & spirits competition Spain.

Respect for our planet. In Pablo de Victoria we love our land and we are aware of the compelling need to safeguard the environment.


This is why we only produce organic wines, letting mother nature do her work without mankind’s destructive intervention in the process.


Organic wines that have emerged from lands with added value that, aside from their flavor, substance and color, provide tangible health benefits.


All our wines are developed and treated with uttermost care, respecting natural processes as well as the environment.


Enjoy our wines, drink smoothly and slow, knowing that each sip was born from lands cultivated by the sun, rain and the Spanish moon.


Intense cherry red color with violet tones. Very ripe black fruit aromas with a light touch of raspberry and vanilla. Very frank of flavor, of great fineness and very outstanding the harmony between its components Matured in French Oak Barrels.

Low Calories (Only 99) Organic Red, Queen of Spain

Only 99 Calories red wine, hence taste delicious and currently available worldwide and appreciated. Raspberry red with violet edges, this wine releases floral scents, along with scents from red fruits such as fresh and intense strawberries, peaches and critics. In mouth very fruity wine, fresh and balanced, specific from the Syrah Variety Ideal for rice dishes, pasta and stews.