SEMI-DRY Back Row Barrels® Cabernet Sauvignon

(Winemaker’s Selection)

The perfect combination of the best French terroirs, with the taste of today, the Semi-dry Cabernet Sauvignon wine is the perfect illustration of easy-drinking wine with notes of cherry, blackberries and hazelnuts taste. Very easy to drink, slightly sweet on the palate, it will accompany all your dishes without exception. You can enjoy it alone, with your friends or with your love.

Available in 750ML


This full body semi-dry with rich luscious flavor of blackberry and cherry, is a real treat for wine lovers who enjoy semi-dry wine.


Prefect wine to sip after a long day of work and relax.


​A true WINE to Unwind

12.5% alc.



URBANTAJ Pinoscato®

​This perfect semi-dry blend of Pinot Grigio and Moscato, is such a treat. It provides beautiful bouquet of pineapple, tropical fruits, apricot, peach on the nose with a harmonious and pleasant dry finish. Crisp acidity provides a very refreshing experience.


​Most versatile wine for food pairing, ​it’s simple, unoaked wine with a little residual sugar. It can be paired with any type of food or cheese.


​​Perfect for those who don’t like too dry and don’t like sweet. Serve Chilled!

13% alc.